About Us

We continue our journey to bring metals to life, which started in 2013, without slowing down and we are working hard to prove how miraculous designs can be created from a simple metal. We preserve our excitement on the first day in order to make a stylish touch on your decoration. We are aiming to add another dimension to decoration concept by reshaping metals taking into account the pleasure of our distinguished customers.

Decoration is one of the important tools of making our lives more beautiful and livable. Dekadron’s difference is its ability to create impressive designs for you to have a modern and unique style in your living spaces.

While shaping metal products, we take our inspiration from nature and benefit from its nobility. We are trying to offer you new designs and more impressive versions of metal day by day. We design different products such as wall clocks, metal posters, desktop accessories and hangers. We occasionally include minimal and futuristic designs in our pieces. In addition, we create unique designs appealing to different choices and interests.

Our motto is “Beautify your living spaces”. Dekadron will always be with you in this regard.  We are committed to provide the best service at the most affordable price.