How to Choose the Right Metal Wall Art for Your Space

How to Choose the Right Metal Wall Art for Your Space

From modern apartments to vintage-themed homes, metal wall art has become a chic and sophisticated choice for many. Whether it's the shimmering charm of metal or its durable nature, this form of art certainly leaves an impact. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive deep into understanding the nuances of choosing the right metal wall art for your space.

As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Selecting metal wall art is no different. It's a blend of personal aesthetics, practical considerations, and an understanding of the art form.

From modern apartments to vintage-themed homes, metal wall art has become a chic and sophisticated choice for many. Established in 2013, Dekadron has been at the forefront of bringing metals to life, showcasing how miraculous designs can be conjured from a simple metal. Whether it's the shimmering charm of metal or its durable nature, this form of art certainly leaves an impact.

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Understanding Metal Wall Art

Types of Metal Used

Metals like iron, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel are popular choices in wall art. Each brings a distinct charm and characteristic. For instance, copper exudes a vintage aura while stainless steel screams contemporary.

Common Design Patterns

From intricate floral patterns to geometric shapes and abstract designs, metal wall art offers a vast variety.

Determining Your Personal Style

Art is a reflection of one's personality. It speaks volumes about one's tastes and preferences. At Dekadron, our unique touch in metal design, derived from nature's inspiration, ensures that our collection caters to a myriad of personal styles.


For those who love a mix of old and new, an eclectic style combines various eras and themes.


Sleek, minimalistic, and often abstract – modern metal wall art is for the urban soul.


A throwback to the yesteryears, vintage metal art often uses rustic metals with traditional designs.

Importance of Wall Art Size

Dimensions to Consider

Always measure the space you're planning to hang the art. A piece too big or too small can throw the balance off.

Spatial Relationship with Furniture

Ensure that your wall art complements the furniture in size. It shouldn’t overwhelm or be overshadowed.

Color Considerations

Tones vs. Room Ambiance

The color of your metal wall art can set the room's mood. For a calm ambiance, go for cooler tones, while warmer shades inject vibrancy.

Matching with Room's Color Palette

Always ensure that the color of the art complements the room's existing palette. Harmony is key.

Theme and Motifs

From landscapes to abstract to figurative art, the theme plays a pivotal role in deciding the artwork's vibe.


Metal art depicting nature or cityscapes can give a serene touch.


For those who love thought-provoking pieces, abstract designs can be a winner.


Art that portrays figures or forms can lend a dramatic touch to a space.

Art Placement and Positioning

Height and Eye Level

Always hang your artwork at eye level. This ensures maximum visual appeal.

Lighting and Shadow Effects

Proper lighting can accentuate the details and create captivating shadow effects on the wall.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning Methods

Gentle wiping with a soft cloth can keep your metal art shining for years.

Protection from Environmental Damage

Keep your art away from direct sunlight or damp areas to prolong its lifespan.

Benefits of Metal Wall Art

Durability and Longevity

Metal wall art is sturdy and can withstand the test of time, unlike canvas or paper.

Visual Appeal and Aesthetics

Metal’s sheen and texture add a unique touch, enhancing any space's aesthetic appeal.

Budget Considerations

Cost Factors

The type of metal, intricacy of design, and artist's reputation can influence the price.

Investment Value

Quality metal art can be a worthy investment, appreciating over time.

Final Tips and Tricks

Before making a purchase, visualize the art piece in your space. If possible, get a trial or a replica to get a feel.


Why is metal wall art so popular?

Metal wall art offers a unique blend of durability, visual appeal, and versatility. Its ability to suit various décor styles makes it a favorite.

How do I clean and maintain my metal wall art?

Gentle cleaning using a soft cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals, and ensuring it's kept away from direct sunlight or moisture will help prolong its beauty.

Can metal wall art be used outdoors?

Yes, but ensure it’s treated for outdoor use to prevent rust and wear.

Does the type of metal influence the art's price?

Absolutely. Precious metals or metals that are harder to work with might increase the cost.

Can I customize metal wall art?

Many artists and studios offer customization, allowing you to have a piece that resonates with your taste.

Where should I buy metal wall art from?

Reputed art galleries, exhibitions, or direct from artists are good options. Online platforms also offer a wide range but ensure authenticity.


Choosing the right metal wall art is a journey of understanding your space, personal preferences, and the art form itself. With the insights from this guide, you're well-equipped to make an informed choice. Dive into the world of metal wall art and let your space shimmer with its unique charm. 

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